What is the best time to Fly Fish Trout?

What is the best time to Fly Fish Trout?

What’s the best time to fly fish for Trout? As the weather warms up, so does the opportunity to hit the water. And while there are some days when you may feel like fishing all day, the real challenge is knowing when to hit the water. We’ll show you what to look for to pick the perfect day to get out on the water and start catching fish.

When it comes to fishing, no two days are the same. Weather conditions can change in a matter of minutes, and fish movements can fluctuate daily. This means that when you decide to head out, you may find yourself fishing for hours only to catch nothing. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Knowing when to hit the water is a matter of knowledge and experience, and with our help, you’ll be able to determine the best time to hit the water to maximize your chances of success. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to determine the best time to fish and help you learn what the best times of the day are. So sharpen your hooks and start learning the secrets of finding the best time to go fishing.

What is the best time of Day to Fly Fish? 

What is the best time of Day to Fly Fish

To know about the best time of day for fly fishing is to consider fly hatches. The hatches happen more frequently when the sun is at its highest in the morning and its lowest in the evening. You can see that the eggs have hatched by looking at the water.

While seeing splashes and rises in the water signals that hatched flies are feb by trout on the surface. After that, be prepared, because it can be more fun to fish around. Mainly all fly fishers make stories of fishing when there is a massive hatch.


Fish usually feed when the sun rises in the morning and at the sunset in the evening. While fishing trout figure out when fly hatches occur.  In Spring, as well as in winter flies hatch when the temperature goes peaks and becomes warmer. In late summer. the weather becomes more inconsistent which it is hard to figure out to predict hatches.

It would be fruitful to fish in the morning of the hot summer months.  Trout slow down their movements and activities when water temperature increases. While fishing in the morning, you can catch more fish and have real fun. It is not a good idea to fish in the Morning in spring and fall because it isn’t productive. At this time in the morning, Midges perform more activity.

  • Normally during winter, morning fishing can be a little slow to low temperatures in the water.
  • While fishing during winter in the morning Nymphing is recommended to get more success.
  • In the month of June, more flies hatch in the evening because the water is really warm. 
  • Due to the warm summer evening, you can catch a good trout with less effort and it comes with a lot of fun to catch a trophy trout on small dry.

In July and August, flies frequently hatch in the morning and evening. At this time fish are more active and engaged in feeding. After hatch has begun and you are late you don’t have to lose hope.

Till seeing fish on the water’s surface you have to struggle by throwing nymphs or emerging flies. The best way to know what fish tend to do in this situation, you need to select flies according to the elimination method.

Late Morning – Early Afternoon

Fishing in the late morning- early afternoon can be more excellent and give good results. Especially from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Bulk hatches are started at this time in summer due to the warm temperature in the water.

You can catch a variety of fish based on specific seasons and water conditions. In Spring and Fall, flies hatch slighter late in the day but late morning is a good time to consider. Fishing becomes more productive. In Winter, more fish can be caught at this time and fishing can be more productive.

Afternoon – Early Evening

Fishing in the ­afternoon can be more productive based on temperature. When the temperature is hot outside, fish slow down their activities and if it is not extremely hot then fish tend to be more active in the water. This time is considered the best time to start fishing in Winter, fall, and spring.

In Fall and Spring, maximum flies will hatch at this time. Spring fish have a big appetite and they are more aggressive to feed themselves after a long time due to no food in winter. At the same time, fall fish try to eat more before winter arrives.

Evening – Dusk

Many expert anglers usually fish later in the day because it is very productive while fishing at dusk, especially in the summer. Before evening, the water is still warm due to the hot temperature.

But in the evening the temperature tends to reduce and this makes fish more eager and more active to bite. It is a good idea to fish in the evening in fall and in spring. Hatches tend to reduce at sunset, but fish are still active and eager to bite into the night mostly in summer. 

In winter, fishing in the evening time can be not productive and can be slow. Because trout quit their activities at sunset.  Brown trout usually tend to feed around dark, so it should be noticed

In Oregon, according to the law, you can fish only one hour after dusk, You should take notice of it.

Do trout bite at night?

Yes, absolutely trout bite at night. Many expert anglers have caught their biggest fish at night. It is quite interesting to catch fish while it is dark at night. It gives real fun while standing on the bank of the river and waiting to hear a small splash of water or tug your line. Fishing at night is quite enjoyable and adrenaline-pumping.


What is the best time to Fly Fish Trout? The summer months are probably your best bet if you’re looking for a great time to fly fish. The water is warm and the fish are hungry and will be more active than at other times of the year.

 Fly fishing is a great sport and a great pastime for anyone who enjoys being out in nature and spending time with friends and family. It’s a great way to get away from the stresses of the modern world and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In Winter from late morning to mid-afternoon fishing can be more productive. The best time of day to fly fish in winter is when the day becomes warmer and the sun heats the water. 

The best temperature for fly fishing is from 44 to 67 degrees. After increasing the temperature from 67 degrees, aquatic creatures go to the bottom of the water. And if the water temperature remains high from 75 degrees it is fatal for rainbow

The best time to fly fish is between the months of April and October.  

Yes, you can fly fish in the dark of the night. Many fish species usually feed at night so you have chances to catch them. On the other hand, it is quite fun to fly fish at night’s dark and gives real enjoyment while standing at the edge of the water and waiting for a splash of sound and trying to catch fish in a sound and quiet environment. 

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