How Many Flies Should I Bring Fly Fishing

How Many Flies Should I Bring Fly Fishing

A beginner is always doubtful about how many flies I should bring for fly fishing. Or do I really need to bring my whole fly collection every time I go fishing? Before answering the question of How Many Flies Should I Bring for Fly Fishing let us consider a few things. After gaining the experience of fly fishing and being able to catch a big fish and enjoy it, you want to get into the water.

To catch a trophy fish and make your day more productive, you need to get the right equipment. The problem is that the equipment you got set up contained many flies. Bringing every fly while fly fishing is not a good idea so you should avoid it. 

To answer the question “How many flies should I bring to fly fishing?” or do I really need to bring my whole fly collection every time while going to fly fish you need to plan what goods and equipment are needed for your next trip. There is no simple answer like bringing 50 or 200 flies – you have to consider your needs and try to figure out things. 

How Many Flies Should I Bring Fly Fishing?

How Many Flies Should I Bring Fly Fishing

Knowing how many flies is not a simple question, but the answer is the same. While fishing anything or anywhere just figure out things according to your knowledge to make your fishing experience more productive. To elaborate on the questions let’s focus on different factors to follow to make your fishing experience more unique and enjoyable. 

Where are You Fishing?

To know about bringing the right amount of flies with you you need to figure out where you are fishing. If you fish in shallow water then flies should be needed to be on the water’s surface. On the other hand, while fishing deep inside the water, wet flies and nymphs would be needed. Ask the following questions from yourself

  1. Where are you fishing ( shallow water, or deep water)
  2. What type of angling method are you using
  3. Are the flies matching your surrounding

Knowing all these questions would help you to bring the right amount of flies for your trip and make your day more productive and effective. 

Which Species are You After?

While choosing the right amount of flies you need to bring with you, first know your plan and what species are you after

Ask the following questions

  1. What species do you want to catch?
  2. Do you want to target saltwater species or freshwater species? 

So based on these questions load your tackle pack or fly carrier with the right baits. If you take salmon with you to fish trout you are not planning properly. So if you understand your goal you will have a high chance of success. Like if you are after saltwater species, it is quite useless to take freshwater flies with you and vice versa. 

Paring Down

While buying flies, you can get so excited. Because of their prettier looks and setups, you can also get confused that how to choose one. As a result, the fly-fishers take all flies with themselves because of their good looks and nice setup, rather than because most flies may never touch the water. It is a hard decision for all fishermen to choose the right flies and reduce their collection. You can follow these easy steps to reduce your options. 

  1. First place all your files in one place
  2. Then divide them into two categories on the basis of their use
    1. I used these flies any time
    2. I have never used these flies ever.
  3. Now select the useful flies and take all these with you on your trip
  4. You don’t need “never used flies” you can sell them or give them away. 

Separating and Organizing Your Flies

How Many Flies Should I Bring Fly Fishing

While going on a trip, don’t flood with a lot of things like carrying many cases and flies boxes. Make sure to organize and separate equipment based on your needs. You can organize all these very easily like

  1. Organize all dry flies separately.
  2. If you want to fish deep in water, organize your wet flies and streamers
  3. Create a box specifically for rainbow trout
  4. Take a fly box specifically for salt water. 

Now according to your need without picking all the types of equipment, just grab the appropriate boxes by organizing your flies. 

Bringing Everything

As freshwater flies are lightweight and small in size, carrying many flies with you will not be a problem because after filling your boxes with many flies it would be a few pounds. Bring boat storage where you can safely keep all your flies if you want the fish to be out of the back of your pickup.

Bringing all your flies doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t make your fishing experience effective and productive but you will feel free and more comfortable having not many things to choose from. If you bring less equipment according to your need you can make more fun of fly fishing with no extra weight or things that are not needed. 

Talk to the Locals

Take help from those who are experts in their fishing skills. If you don’t have any experience fishing in a certain place or specific water body take try to find someone who has experience. Local knowledge can help you a lot during fly fishing. 

They will share their valuable experience with you and guide you on which flies you have to select before going, and all about the dos and don’t to make your experience better.  You can also take online help from someone who is an expert and you can visit any nearby local shop. 


In last I would simply answer the question “how many flies should I bring while fly fishing?” in simple words. The right and recommended amount of flies needed for fly fishing is what helps you to make your day more productive. You can select a single fly or many flies based on your needs and situation. Before going, brainstorm about what specie are you after. 

And what technique are you using consider all the factors which help you in selecting the right amount of flies and types of equipment? If you have any problem or you have many options to select one, you can take the help of someone who is an expert in this field.

YOu can take help from online resources also you can visit a near-by-local shop. These all options would help you a lot in choosing the right amount of flies while going flyfishing and you would make your day the best in all. 

You need to have nymphs and dry flies (normally in size of 16 to 12). Mainly 20 or 22-size dry flies are used. Switching the size can sometimes boost productivity and produce excellent results. It is recommend to take advice from a local shop and expert fly guide to select the right size. 

The best bait for fly fishing is wet flies and nymphs. Because they can float deep in water and look like bait fish or drowned insects. They are mainly use to catch trout in freshwater. 

The right number of flies are those who help you to catch more fish and make your day productive. Figure out what you are fishing, what type of fishing technique you are using,  do you want to catch fish in shallow water or deep water. Keeping all things in your mind you should select the right amount of flies while going to fly fish. 

Fly fishing is easier than using any food to attract the fish. Casting the fly is easier into the water. The bait will wobble just below the surface of the water

Joshua Collier
"Joshua Collier is an experienced angler and writer based in Florida. With over 10 years of experience fishing in freshwater and saltwater environments, Joshua has become an expert on everything from fly fishing for trout to trolling for marlin.