The Neko Rig: How to Rig Bass Fishing

The Neko Rig: How to Rig Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is a popular sport that requires patience, skill, and the right equipment. One popular rig for bass fishing is the Neko Rig, which is a variation of the popular wacky rig. In this article, we will discuss how to rig bass fishing soft plastics using the Neko Rig.

To start Neko rigging, all you need is a nail weight, O-ring, hook, and straight tail plastic. This rig presents the worm in a stand-up orientation, resembling natural feeding behavior on the bottom, making it highly effective for catching pressured bass.

To Neko rigged, begin by sliding a ring over the plastic worm, similar to a wacky rig. For straight-tail worms, moistening the O-ring or worm can ease the process. For thinner plastics such as Trick Worms, using a larger split ring is a useful trick that is also cost-effective.

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What is the Neko Rig?

The Neko Rig

The Neko is a variation of the wacky rig that is gaining popularity among bass anglers. It involves rigging a soft plastic bait with a nail weight inserted into one end of the bait, giving it a unique presentation that can be very effective in catching bass.

How to Rig the Neko Rig

Choose the Right Equipment

To rig the Neko Rig, you will need a few key pieces of equipment, including a soft plastic bait, a nail weight, a hook, and a rod and reel setup.

Insert the Nail Weight:

The first step in rigging the Neko Rig is to insert the nail weight into the head of the soft plastic bait. The weight should be inserted into the thicker end of the bait, leaving the thinner end free to move and create a unique action.

Thread the Hook

Next, thread the hook through the soft plastic bait, starting at the thinner end and working your way up toward the nail weight. Make sure the hook is centered and runs parallel to the bait.

Position the Hook

Once the hook is in place, position it so that the point of the hook is facing upwards. This will allow for better hook sets and reduce the risk of snags and tangles.

Cast and Retrieve

This rig is most effective when fished slowly, with gentle twitches of the rod tip to create subtle movements in the bait.

When to Use the Neko Rig

This Rag can be effective in a variety of fishing situations. It’s particularly useful in clear water and when the bass is heavily pressured. The unique action of the bait can entice even the wariest bass to bite. Making it a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Yes, the Neko is a relatively simple rig to set up and can be rigged quickly and easily once you have the right equipment.

The size of the hook will depend on the size of the soft plastic bait you are using. As a general rule, choose a hook that is slightly smaller than the bait.

Yes, the Rig can be used with a variety of soft plastic baits, but it is most effective with stick baits.


The Neko Rig is a versatile and effective rig for bass fishing soft plastics. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can rig your own Neko Rig and increase your chances of catching more bass on your next fishing trip.

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